Here are the questions we tend to hear quite often. Perhaps you will find your answer here as well.

How can I start using Marticka?

Marticka is a web application. All you need is a web browser. You don't have to install anything on your computer and you can access it from anywhere. Even on your mobile phone.

Why is Marticka free?

We created Marticka for our own needs and we use it internally to date. Our friends and acquaintances expressed their interest in giving it a go too. That's where we thought why not to open it to everyone. Costs of hosting aren't anything outrageous so we decided to "give back to the community". :)

For who is Marticka suited?

Marticka can be used by individual or by a team with multiple user roles. We haven't limited number of users, projects or entries. Do you like it? Hop on! Use it! Cherish it!

Are my data in safe hands?

We strongly believe so. We use encrypted communication between our servers and your web browser. We keep your data safe and we back it up several times a day.

Can I use Marticka off-line?

Not for the time being. Please let us know if this is important to you.

Won't my colleague, employees or clients see to much?

Marticka comes with several user roles "out of the box". These cover the most common scenarios but should you want, we could adjust roles to your own preference

Can you customize Marticka for me?

Probably yes. Get in touch so we can discuss in detail.

Does Marticka creates invoices?

It doesn't for the time being. We prefer the exported CSV file. Once again, please do let us know if this is something you would appreciate, so we can ponder building this as an add-on.

Can you answer my question?

We will certainly try! :) Feel free to get in touch.